About Bombay Sweets

Bombay sweets Karachi, are the pioneers in Sweets making, Halwajaat and traditional Mithai of all times. Since its establishment till today Bombay sweets have diversified the Mithai culture by adding more and more exclusive and healthier organic mithai concepts and also wide range of new products in their check list.

Mithai special includes, 3 layer sweets; Barfis, Crunch special Barfi, Baklawas with Kaju, almond and special dry fruit based,Honey based sweets, Kaju Delights, Milky delights, Mixed sweets, Patisa and Soan Papdi  and more.

Another wide range of Halwajaat by Bombay sweets are readily and custom made for all occasions.

Our House special, all time famous sweets and Mithai, Special Dates with different fillings, winter special treats and our Malai Khaja which is all time famous adds rich delicacy to your cuisine.

Bombay sweets homemade Nimcko and namkeen, also frozen food are readily available to tantalize your taste buds. We serve both; ready to est and ready to fry. Bombay sweets with its renowned quality and wide range in their products stands out to be the best in town.