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Mithai Shops

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Mithai or Sweets are the traditional dessert of Asians specially Indo Pak countries like Pakistan, India & Bangladesh and Gulf region. Mithai varies from culture and region and each has its unique blend of flavor that depicts the rich culture and colors of that custom and tradition.

People love eating sweets, not only at home or daily basis but events and celebrations remain incomplete without mithai. Serving generously to the guest and treating loved ones with different traditional Mithai is the culture and custom of Muslims globally. But it’s hard to find best Mithai and best Mithai shops in town especially when you are dominated with your sweet tooth and looking for a good balance and the right flavor with quality above all.

Bombay sweets Karachi offers premium quality consider among the best Mithai shops in Karachi since decades and it restores the value of tradition and culture in every mithai you opt for.

With their roots in Karachi in the field of South Indian Mithai and other food temptations Bombay sweets has travelled vast distances become the best Mithai shops in Karachi with its unique venture and innovation in the field of Mithai itself. Bringing the right taste for your taste buds, Bombay sweets has every time something new to taste and select from their very Mithai shop in Karachi situated in the mainstream location among the busy streets of Tariq road Karachi.

Many mithai are the favorites of all times and these sweets are often offered to the guests at all occasions, festivals and weddings precisely.  Also gifted as souvenir to friends and family.

Bombay sweets renowned taste once eaten can never be forgotten and it offers a unique blend of ingredients mostly milk, condensed milk or cream which is combined with various combinations of clarified butter (ghee); sugar, chickpea flour or semolina wheat; almond, cashew, walnut, figs or pistachio; coconut; cardamom; saffron; or any number of other scrumptious things.  To add more richness and class they are draped and covered with silver Varkha.

Every region has its specialties, and at Bombay sweets mithai shop you will find the blend of all in their Mithai, while some are made with the grandma secret recipes which makes their Mithai extra ordinary special and different.

Karachi’s favorite, Bombay sweets delicacy remains the sole and significant contributor in bringing revolution in the field of Mithai and considered among the best Mithai shops in Karachi..